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Language is the most vital part of our communication through which we express our thoughts, expression and emotions to each other. The fully grasp any concept it is essential to have a complete understanding of language. Learning new ideas rules and concept through your native language gives deeper understanding and more clarity. Every language has its own structure and verbal’s. We give our students lesson in following languages
We deliver online Quran classes in following in above mentioned languages. Before starting your Quran learning journey our teaching professional ask specifically about your native language. Each Teaching professional appointed to student is native speaker of that language so that there no commutation barrier or language barrier for students. Our online session is conducted through skype.
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1. Arabic

Arabic is language of choice when learning Quran. This powerful language is chosen by Allah. Learning Arabic can be achieved by taking regular from our language teacher from your home. You can prefer gender of your teacher Male or Female your class timing. Our native Arabic speaker will instruct you about basic difference between two kinds of Arabic.
Following are objective of this course
To comprehend student knowledge and ensure true understanding of Arabic language these sessions are always conducted one on one. Our professional instructors encourage student questioning to eliminate all doubts and problematic areas in lingual concepts. To top it all we provide our students daily audio lesson through whatsapp and teacher and student interactive panel to reduce any ambiguity regarding any topic

2. English

Importance of English can’t be denied. English is first language of choice even other languages native speakers. English have become universal language. Many students who are not fluent in languages like Arabic or Urdu. Learning Quran in English comes with various benefits one of which is English session of Quran teaching can also be share with non Muslims, Your parents one of which may not know Arabic or Urdu. English used in these sessions is easy to understand for everyone. We formulate English teaching course in steps like


Most of our teaching staff has Urdu as their native tongue. Urdu is our heritage and most our children in west are educated in English so they have very little knowledge about beautiful language of Urdu and missing out hugely on philosophical, poetic and artistic master pieces written in Urdu. Our Urdu teacher will not only teach student Urdu but will also tell about history, evolution, exact pronunciation and its difference from other subcontinent languages. Learning Urdu will not only help your child understand your native language but will also give him confidence to engage conversation with their cousins and aunts back at homeland.

2. Pashto

Pashto is an important language and is spoken by many of our Pashtoon brothers and sisters. By submitting fee to any of our languages course you will receive books at your home. Our Pashto tutors are expert in teaching different dialects. Teaching Pashto will follow same protocol as other languages. We will provide student with home work, helping materials, time table, audio, languages interactive sessions live with tutor, assessment to bring up your spoken level. Teaching these languages are not just work it give us huge pride to pleasure to teach our beautiful languages to our younger generation.

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