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viable Quran Provides the Learners with Proper Tajweed Guided Holy Quran Recitation in Online Quran Classes with Experienced Male and Female Quran Tutors. These tutors not only provide you instructions about how to do it but also help you encounter the problems you face during your learning period.

Online Madrassa

The truth is that a good way to complete reading of Holy Quran has always been a desire & Honor for every Muslim, Male or Female, young or old. Couple of decades ago it was considered to be a Privilege & Pride for the Muslim Parents that their Kids start their learning career with the sacred words of Holy Book Quran before any conventional schooling in compliance to the divine advice of Almighty Allah i.e.“Iqra Ba Isme Rabbik Allazi Khalaqq” which means “Read by the Name of your Cherisher, He who created You”.
This supreme passion was unfortunately ignored as a result it faded slowly by the passage of time. Hence, Learning Quran got more and more difficult due to our sheer negligence, preoccupations and so-called reasons in adverse circumstances. It was the Need of Days to revive and reinstate this Holy Exercise as early as possible. Online Madrasa realized it timely and took the charge to take it seriously. Abroad, it was also not easier for the Muslim Children especially in the Europe and America to learn our core Fundamentals of Quran. The Parents & Toddlers were facing much difficulty to adjust their Studies scheduled time-tables accordingly thus resulting to drop-outs. Online Madrasa efficiently planned to use the innovative approach of Internet to reach each Learner to begin with our Learning Quran Online Service. Now, you can learn at your own Home with lot of benefits and comfort. Get Online Quran Tutors at our Website at One Click. Quran Learning in fact should be conducted by Certified Teachers only. Quran Teachers must be licensed, punctual, reliable and knowledgeable. They ought to have an extra expertise of Tajweed skills too. It’s our prime aim to teach Holy Quran with proper Rules & appropriate Regulations. Subsequently, while hiring Online Quran Teachers/Tutors, we strictly follow the Criteria given below:
These qualifications are the pre-requisite of our Teachers. We have also a panel of “make-shift Instructors” from Egypt, Jordan, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. Our qualified instructors can teach in Arabic, English, Urdu, Pashto & Hindi so you can learn Quran in your preferred language.

Female Quran Teachers:

Indeed, we have onboard the qualified Female Quran Tutors for Sisters who feel comfortable with Lady Tutors. Your instructors and you could pick out to what quantity every consultation should close in with your comfort. The Virtual Classroom logs the time you go through with your guide for charging functions so there’s no challenge on session length
At Online Madrassa, Tajweed book and exclusive units like whiteboard and document transfer available inside the Virtual Classroom. Our instructors can convey and share substances if you want them to have a look and could type out your required materials for you.
You can select the Parental Watch choice to include your parents with the timings. Our instructors take 30-second video scraps time at some point of each 10-minute interim and recover the bit for later survey through your parents. On the other hand parents can see the video logs after each session.
Getting started with reading Holy Quran, you need to recite it every day. Reading and memorizing Quran can be a bit tough for children at the initial stage but it does not have to be so at a later stage, that is sure. You can begin reading Holy Quran instantly but to learn Quran by Heart just take the “lesson little” but that must have to be repeated every day without fail. Before reading Quran you have to make yourself absolutely devoted in order to achieve the goal at any cost and in any circumstances. The sincerity with strong will of the Reader/Learner plays the most crucial role on the subje

Review Your Schedule

Mostly, due to busy schedules some people are not able to manage their time. In that case you have to review your Agenda. We all remain oblivious of our daily routine and every now and then consider day by day ourselves as over occupied.

Listen To The Quran Recitation Before Reading The Quran.

If you are not able in setting aside a couple of minutes for Quran Reading then tuning to the Recitation of Quran in the voice of any eminent Qari can encourage you. It acts as a persuading variable to help you in getting motivation for setting. When someone tunes in to the recitation of Quran, a propelling boost comes in both character & heart. Consequently, listening to Quran can genuinely set off persuading to learn Quran.

Pick a Good &Vibrant Quran Translation

The Holy Quran was uncovered in Arabic language and each Word has stayed unaltered since the hour of its disclosure. If you don’t recognize Arabic, you must need to get an interpretation in order to recognize the correct pronunciation and understanding of the Arabic language.

Pick a Quran Commentary

It is useful to have an evaluation or associate book to allude to as you study along. On the opposite hand, there are numerous English translators available which contain commentaries and references of each Quran verse. Those books contain Sections that could assist you to apprehend the meaning of all verses of Quran.

Learning Quran with Consistency

In Islam, the mastering procedure is not often finished. As you expand the knowledge of the Quran and Islam, you may go over extra themes you need to reflect on. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) recommended His faithful devotees to “Search for knowledge even you have to go to China”. In other words, search and research up to the far most boundaries of the Earth. It can also assist you to go for in-depth information of the Holy Quran.

Why viable quran?

viable quran is well equipped with all facilities, professional skills, techniques & modern Audio Video supporting devices. We warmly welcome you to start your Holy Mission of Learning Quran at our website www.OnlineMadrassa.org with complete Peace of Mind & Trust.

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